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  • Dec 15, 2023
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Top 10 Tips to Write Letter of Recommendation

A well-crafted letter of recommendation can make a profound impact on someone's career or academic prospects. Whether you’re recommending a colleague, student, or mentee, here are invaluable tips to ensure your letter stands out:

Tips for writing a strong letter of recommendation

1. Understand the Purpose: Before you begin, comprehend the purpose of the recommendation. Is it for a job application, academic admission, or scholarship? Tailoring your letter to the specific context and highlighting relevant traits is crucial.

2. Gather Information: Request detailed information from the candidate. Ask for their resume, achievements, and the specific qualities they’d like you to emphasize. Understanding their aspirations and strengths helps in writing a personalized and effective recommendation.

3. Structure and Format: Adhere to a formal structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, state your relationship with the candidate and the capacity in which you worked together. Use a professional format and maintain a business tone throughout.

4. Highlight Strengths: Focus on the candidate’s strengths and achievements. Provide concrete examples of their skills, character, and accomplishments. Illustrate instances where they displayed leadership, problem-solving abilities, or other relevant attributes.

5. Be Specific and Quantify: Avoid generic statements. Be specific and back your claims with quantifiable achievements or anecdotes. For instance, instead of saying someone is “hardworking,” provide examples like, “consistently met tight deadlines while maintaining exceptional quality.”

6. Address Weaknesses (if necessary): If addressing weaknesses, do so tactfully and constructively. Present areas for improvement in a positive light and highlight how the candidate is working to overcome these challenges.

7. Personal Touch: Include personal anecdotes or experiences that showcase the candidate’s character or work ethic. Sharing personal observations adds authenticity to your recommendation.

8. Tailor for the Audience: Customize the letter for the intended audience. Highlight qualities relevant to the role or institution the candidate is applying for. Understand the values and priorities of the recipient and align your letter accordingly.

9. Proofread and Edit: Ensure your letter is error-free. Typos or grammatical mistakes can detract from the credibility of your recommendation. Review and revise multiple times before finalizing.

10. Provide Contact Information: Include your contact information in case the recipient wants to verify details or seek further information about the candidate.

Sample Structure:


Introduce yourself and your relationship with the candidate.
Clearly state your willingness to recommend the candidate.


Highlight specific skills, achievements, and characteristics of the candidate.
Provide examples or anecdotes that illustrate these attributes.
Discuss how the candidate stands out compared to others.


Summarize the candidate’s strengths and reiterate your endorsement.
Offer to provide further information if needed.


Writing a compelling letter of recommendation requires attention to detail, honesty, and a sincere desire to support the candidate. Craft a personalized and impactful letter by focusing on the individual’s strengths, providing specific examples, and tailoring the content to the recipient’s needs. A well-written recommendation can make a significant difference in the candidate’s future endeavors.

Top 10 Tips

Understand the Purpose

Gather Information

Structure and Format

Highlight Strengths

Be Specific and Quantify

Address Weaknesses (if necessary)

Personal Touch

Tailor for the Audience

Proofread and Edit

Provide Contact Information

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